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Tiny by Dantoy Teethers


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Assorted Designs available – Please specify in the comments which one you would like – RUST TURTLE, BLUE CAT, PINK PIG, GREEN FISH, NUDE BUNNY EARS, BLUE FISH, BLUE TURTLE, NUDE TURTLE, RUST BUNNY EARS, BLUE BUNNY EARS, NUDE CAT

Our new “tiny” line of baby products is designed for the very youngest of all, which means that dantoy is widening its product range to extend all the way down to newborns. The “tiny” line is made of bioplastic and the entire series qualifies for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, meaning that the toys are eco-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals.

The colours were selected to fulfil a concept of simplicity and security. The colours are clear – not loud or glossy – to create a tranquil environment for infants.

The natural quality of the products comes from being made of bioplastic in sugarcane and bamboo fibres. All “tiny” products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are dishwasher safe.