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Welcome to studio of

We are best known for our cake smash sessions – Capturing Lifes littlest celebrations from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and all surrounding areas
Step inside the world of ONE SWEET CELEBRATION and
take a peek through our recent Birthday Cake smash sessions…….
Celebrating in all the magic that is that very first Birthday!
I invite you to step into my studio and together we can share in the
fun, delight and pure joy and create these images to be cherished for a
lifetime. At the heart of One Sweet Celebration is capturing the
magic of childhood. We love to celebrate the magic that happens in
reaching one full journey around the sun and what better way than with a giant cake with your parents smiling and cheering you on. Each session adds a little bit extra of fairy dust on the glorious childhood
We also capture Newborns and Babies as well, feel free to message me to chat further! Looking forward to hearing from you, Rachel xx

Please take a look around and if you have any questions or would like to book a session please get in touch via the booking link below.

Happy 1st Birthday Aleira

Celebrating birthdays sure does look a little different this year to most of my clients, My clients are so thankful they still get to celebrate the big day with the cake smash. Parties are smaller or non existant so the cake smash has definitely turned into the the...

Designer Kidz – Commercial Shoot

These days, beautiful photos are an essential piece of a growing company and I love to work with businesses to help capture your products and help bring new season launches to life! I loved working with Designer Kidz with their new Daydream collection. Every...