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You can have your cake and eat it too – live this one creative life!

Hey there studio friends! Welcome to 2022 – The year you can have your cake and eat it too! Welcome – I’m Rachel, owner of One Sweet Celebration, I’m a mum to four boys, YEP you read that right four amazing boys and I live my crazy creatively inspired life in Sunny Brisbane Australia. Together with my husband John we have built an amazing studio and now in 2022 we have expanded the business with our own product range launching in March – EEEP Im sooooo excited. I have dreamt of this for so long I can hardly believe its finally happening. Ill be honest the last two years has seen me hold back ALOT but regardless of what is happening in the world at the moment I decided to feel the fear but do it anyway, I transformed that fear into action!


I have so many wild crazy ideas circling in my head its no wonder I cant sleep at night. I love this one big creative life I have created and I love to dream BIG! I am most happy with a glue gun in my hand, throw in some glitter and tulle and I’m all set to the let the magic unfold! I am a lover of Iced Coffee – I hate warm coffee but I cant say I am fueled by coffee, I can only have 1 a day or my heart goes nuts! I love reading business books, I don’t think I ever really switch off from business mode ever! Trips to the shop is usually a exercise in its self, My brain just scans every item and is thinking how I can use this in a cake smash set haha! I am most passionate about working with other creative businesses to help showcase their beautiful creations in our studio sets. If you have got this far THANKYOU! I hope you stay around and see what this year brings – If you are interested in how you can have your cake and eat it too, You are in the right place, Here you will discover how to live this one creative life through photography, Art, Business and all the sprinkles in between.

Much Love and Cake, Rachel xx